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Botanical Solutions, Inc.
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Botanical Solutions, Inc. is a Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA based venture capital firm specializing in health, medical, scientific and agribusiness related initiatives and disciplines.

At BSI our objective is to focus on high value added investment solutions that span traditional and alternative opportunities for environmentally sensitive and health conscious investors.

Our focus on the research, development and marketing of nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and medical products, as well as other innovative health-related research and initiatives provides investors with responsible opportunities to not only enhance their portfolios, but to contribute to improving the quality of life for themselves and others.









Robert D. Bibb, M.D.

Pollution is the Problem!

Everywhere we turn today we are bombarded with claims about aging, anti-aging and related life altering statements about cures and remedies. Unfortunately, this terrible disease called aging is always fatal, but its ravages and eventual outcome can definitely be improved upon and delayed.

Researchers delving into the process of aging have come to a consensus that aging can be slowed down and that the process (as it relates to the skin) can be dramatically improved. Most scientists in the field of aging believe that oxidants or free radicals generated during the natural process of breathing air along with those created from living in an exogenously polluted environment are the cause.

Those free radicals generated internally by normal respiration are a necessary part of life and are essential for cell-to-cell communication. The free radicals generated by breathing polluted air, living in an ultraviolet light environment, drinking contaminated water, consuming unhealthy food along with pollutants that adhere to the skin are the oxidants that are constantly at work slowly destroying our body's intracellular mechanisms resulting in global injury to our body and skin. This is premature aging and pollution is the problem.


Robert D. Bibb, M.D.
Environmental Dermatologist

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